ANK Ceramics by Ariela Kuh

Sitting with a hot cuppa and a lapful of wool are often the best moments of the day, whether they occur in the morning or at night (sometimes, if we're lucky, both).

With these moments in mind, we announce our newest offerings at Twig & Horn: beautiful mugs and pour-overs crafted by Ariela Kuh of ANK Ceramics, maker of our needle vase released earlier this month.

It's hard to beat the pour-over method for fine-tuning a brew to suit your exact preferences. And although the pieces are available separately, together the mug and pour-over make a perfect pair. Ariela took a few moments to give us a glimpse into her process behind these lovely creations.

- Where and how did you begin in ceramics?

I started with ceramics somewhat by accident when I was given free access to studio community clay studio. I was hooked immediately. I taught myself how to throw on the wheel via trial and error. Eventually, I found a teacher I liked and took classes with him, but I am very grateful for the place where I began—although I did not have any guidance, I had the time and space to be as slow and messy as I needed to be.

- From where you do draw inspiration for your pieces?

Painting was my first love and remains the lens through which I think about the look and feel of pottery. Lately, I have been looking at ancient Roman Glass bottles, George Ohr, the self-proclaimed "mad potter of Biloxi," and Matt Connor's paintings, to name a few things.

- What is your workshop like?

I rent an old building that was once part of the one–room schoolhouse in Lincolnville Center. It's about a mile from my house, and I can walk there which is a great way to clear my mind and get a little fresh air. I share with another potter and friend, Meghan Flynn. Having a studio practice can be isolating; I am so grateful to have someone to commiserate, collaborate, and chat with. 

- Are there particular design philosophies or aesthetic qualities that direct your creations?

My aesthetic sensibility is innate and intuitive, but also informed by the things I study and hold close.  I am perpetually in love with Matisse's paintings - the simplicity, the complexity, the rhythm of his explorations, the way they sit in the world.  I like things that agree with their surroundings but also quietly disrupt them.

Keep up with Ariela at her website, ANK Ceramics, and be sure to follow @a_n_k_ceramics on Instagram.


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