Bison Toggles by Andrew Haviland

Andrew Haviland, the maker of our fantastic bone buttons, has created a new type of closure for Twig & Horn: We're proud to share our newest offering of American bison bone toggles, crafted by hand in Rhode Island.

These natural beauties vary in size from 1.5" to 2" in length. As they're made of bone, no two toggles are exactly alike—each one brings its own interesting character and texture. Each toggle features two drilled holes for threads, with a textured concave on one side, and a smoother, rounded convex shape on the other. 

Toggles are a nice alternative to buttons, with an oblong shape that holds fast where rounder buttons might otherwise slip through. From an embellishment perspective, they're a perfect rustic touch to any garment made to be worn for casual, outdoorsy style.

Below, some images Andrew shared with us of the toggle-making process—so neat to see the transformation from raw cuts to beautiful finished pieces. As they're crafted by hand and quite labor-intensive, supplies are very limited.

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