From Ideation to Realization

Every product design begins with an idea. The idea is the easy, exciting, and exhilarating part. However once you have that, you have to make it come to life. Beyond products & knitting we all probably have 1000 ideas a day about random things from organizing our lives, to the easiest way to avoid traffic on the way to work. Ideas constantly come and go with most of them never leave our heads. That’s not to say we don’t love the phase that follows, or that every idea we have isn't perfection ;), it’s just that we understand the time it takes for an idea to be realized.

Once in a great while, or every other day when it’s your job ;), an idea feels worth bringing to the second phase - into the land of fabrics, materials, and measurements. It’s the heart and soul of any great product. From the functionality of the product to the look and feel, a beautifully designed accessory might not feel like it if it’s not paired with the perfect materials.

So many thoughts go into picking the fabric, here are just a few:

Texture do you want the texture to be an active part of the design; does it feel right?

Structure is it slouchy or structured; does it lend itself to how it will be used?

Color what will enhance the design, increase versatility, and be as eye catching online as it is in real life?

Durability how will it be used and will it last through all that life will throw at it?

Pricing it is at a price point that will make sense for our customers?

All of these questions don’t always lead to a clear answer; sometimes the initial choice doesn’t make sense when you think everything through. The hardest part is sometimes letting go of the initial idea and vision for the product as the process can take you on a bit of a ride.

Once you have your main fabric selected, the hardware, lining, and small details follow. The best part about putting all of these together is you get close to having that idea realized in front of you.

The hope is that we land with something that is just as beautiful as it was in our minds, feels right in your hands, and makes you smile when you open it up on your doorstep.

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