Labeling Your Needle Case

Above: We’ve made it easy to adhere the Needle Size Labels to your natural fabric case—check out our step-by-step instructions below for full details!

Here at Twig & Horn, our small but mighty team loves creating and sourcing maker tools and accessories that are both beautiful and functional—with the ultimate goal of bringing a little bit more order (and beauty) to our creative chaos. Because, at the end of the day, we want to spend less time looking for that pesky cable needle—that somehow fell through the seat cushions of the sofa (again)—and more time casting on the latest pattern from our favorite designer. Preferably with a fur baby at our feet and a glass of wine close at hand—you can relate, right?

So, you can imagine our flurry of excitement and overwhelm when our teammate Nichole unveiled her latest creation: the Needle Size Labels! Finally. Finally, a designated spot for each and every needle size in our collection. We don’t think we’re alone when we say that these labels are a game changer. And we can’t wait to label ALL the things.

Above: Each of our Needle Size Labels sets includes one label per size US 1-15 / 2.25mm-10mm, for a total of 14 labels per set. Need extra labels for the same needle size? Purchase multiple sets for all of your needle storage, from DPN’s to interchangeables.

Below, we’ve taken the guesswork out of labeling your needle case—follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your Needle Size Labels adhere with ease and last you many years to come.

A word of caution: Needle Size Labels are designed specifically for use with natural fabric needle cases and bags, such as our Interchangeable Needle Cases and All Purpose Carrying Cases. We strongly recommend that you spot-check cases made from synthetic fabrics to ensure they will not scorch when heat is applied. (If your needle case is made out of a fabric that melts or scorches with heat, you can choose to use a heavy duty double-sided tape (not included in label set) for application.)

Above: We used our handy Leather Wrist Ruler to easily line up our labels along the Interchangeable Needle Case (shown in Mist).

Set Up: Prep Your Case (optional)

If you wish, you may prep your needle case with a ruler and pencil to help guide you in placing the labels on straight. You can create a reference point down the length of the case, or measure from the bottom up for each individual label application. Above, we used our handy Leather Wrist Ruler to easily line up our labels along the Interchangeable Needle Case (shown in Mist).

  1. Set iron to medium/high, no steam. Allow to heat fully.
  2. Place the empty needle case as flat as possible on the ironing board. Test a small area with iron for scorching. (If your needle case is made out of a synthetic fabric that melts or scorches with heat, you can choose to use a heavy duty double stick tape (not included) for application.)
  3. Using the iron, preheat the area that you will be applying the first label onto (this will allow the label to be “tacked” into place before doing the final ironing). Remove paper backing from one label, position in desired location, adhesive-side down, and cover with parchment paper (not included). DO NOT use a pressing cloth or towel for this step. Parchment paper specifically is required in order to get enough heat to activate the adhesive.
  4. Using circular motions and steady pressure, iron on top of parchment paper for 10–15 seconds.
  5. Check edges of label, if not fully adhered, reposition parchment, iron another 5 seconds. Repeat steps 3–5 for remaining labels, working one label at a time.


Once you’ve finished ironing on the labels, you’re free to load your needles and bask in the glory that is a well-organized, beautifully labeled needle case! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below, or feel free to email our customer service team at

Happy labeling!

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