NEW Twig & Horn Crossbody Totes: Upgraded

Designed with the on-the-go knitter in mind, our Crossbody Project Totes fuse elegant details, high quality materials, and a utilitarian simplicity that make it a staff and customer favorite. 

But there is always room for improvement, right? We’ve taken our favorite tote and made it even better! Here are the changes we’ve made:

  • First, and most importantly, we found a fantastic cut/sew team that was every bit as excited as we were to hone and perfect every detail of this bag from the ground up. Our totes have always been top notch, but you’ll find them to be even more neatly sewn, sturdy, and hard-wearing than before.
  • Second, we upgraded the leather. We’ve gone through a few iterations of leather with our totes. At first, we used bison leather, which was supple and lovely, but we found that it shed and stretched slightly over time when the bag was loaded with heavy items. Then we switched to cow leather that was very similar in appearance, but shed less. But we found over time that it still wasn’t as rugged as we wanted. We finally found the exact leather we’d been looking for. Still soft to the touch and gorgeous, but indestructible. It also comes in a beautiful array of colors, opening up new opportunities for tote colorways. 
  • Third, we adjusted the pockets in the interior to make them more functional.
  • And finally, we upgraded some of the hardware in high-wear areas to ensure that the bags will be even more durable. 

As always, almost every piece of our Crossbody Project Totes is made in the USA, from the materials to the cutting and the sewing. We make them here because we believe in the excellent craftsmanship of American manufacturing, and we seek to play a part in keeping US-based manufacturing alive and well. 

Our redesigned Crossbody Project Totes cost more to make, and we have made the difficult decision to raise the price as a result. We think the improvements more than outweigh the slightly higher cost, and we think you’ll agree!  


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