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Dye, Mend and Patch: How To Craft Green

(pictured above, our Traveler’s Tote in navy) It’s springtime in Maine. The snows are melting, the crocuses are blooming, and it’s a perfect time for taking stock of your fiber projects, both old and new. Here at Twig & Horn, we are welcoming the season by learning about all the ways crafting can be eco-friendly. So, pull on your favorite knitted socks, put on your boots, and take a walk in your own backyard or local park, because we are celebrating going green. Over one billion people in more than 193 countries celebrated Earth Day last week, but we know that change begins at home. This year, in honor of one of our favorite events, we want to help you...

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ANK Ceramics by Ariela Kuh

Sitting with a hot cuppa and a lapful of wool are often the best moments of the day, whether they occur in the morning or at night (sometimes, if we're lucky, both). With these moments in mind, we announce our newest offerings at Twig & Horn: beautiful mugs and pour-overs crafted by Ariela Kuh of ANK Ceramics, maker of our needle vase released earlier this month. It's hard to beat the pour-over method for fine-tuning a brew to suit your exact preferences. And although the pieces are available separately, together the mug and pour-over make a perfect pair. Ariela took a few moments to give us a glimpse into her process behind these lovely creations. - Where and how did you begin in ceramics? I started with...

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Bone Buttons by Andrew Haviland

­Today we are pleased to announce a new offering in our Twig & Horn store: handcrafted bison bone buttons by Andrew Haviland, artist from Providence, Rhode Island. Carefully carved by hand, each button is unique—no two are alike, due to the individual qualities of the bones from which they’re crafted. The freedom of versatility is limitless: A single button can work as a subtle statement piece to finish a garment, while multiple buttons together give serious character to a buttoned handknit. We had the joy of putting a few questions to the maker for an insight into how these lovely buttons came to be, and into the daily work life of the artist himself. From his hands, to ours, to yours—Andrew’s pursuits...

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