Sashiko Needles
Sashiko Needles

Sashiko Needles

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Sashiko needles are strong, sharp and have a larger eye that allows for thicker embroidery floss or Sashiko Thread. The Daruma brand is well known for producing authentic, high quality Sashiko supplies, these needles included. This collection contains four different needle sizes, allowing you to choose what is most suitable for your fabric thickness and thread selection. The longer needles work well for creating larger or straight patterns, while the shorter needles are perfect for making small or curved designs. Includes a needle threader to make quick work of the threading process.

Each package contains:
1- 2” needle (51.5mm long x 0.84mm thick)
1- 1.75” needle (45.0mm long x 0.99mm thick)
1- 1.67” needle (41.3mm long x 0.84mm thick)
1- 1.33” needle (33.3mm long x 0.84mm thick)
1- needle threader

Needles: Stainless Steel
Threader: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Made in Japan