Who we are

We are a needlearts accessories company based in Saco, Maine. We strive to provide you with the best tools for your craft sourced from the finest American makers.

It all started when Quince & Co. owner, Pam Allen, was searching for a wool wash with lanolin to clean and refresh an old sweater. Finding no inspiring options on the market, she partnered with an American natural-soap maker to develop a premium gentle wool soap packed with USP-grade lanolin and other naturally moisturizing and gently cleansing ingredients.

Our soap experience encouraged us to look around for other American-made tools and accessories for knitters and other crafters. So far, we’ve sourced wool and cotton duck fabric made by hand in the US to construct a sturdy yet elegant tote. We’ve found a local artist to make lovely one-of-a kind buttons from discarded buffalo bones. We’ve commissioned an indispensable gauge tool from a New England wood worker. And we have lots of others in the making! Our aim is to find out-of-the-ordinary, crafted tools and accessories with a fresh aesthetic to inspire you in your own making. 

Our Inspiration

We are driven by the current American craftsperson, whether they’re working with 1st or 21st century technology to make their goods. And we’re inspired by the enduring natural beauty and materials found here, as well as by the artistry of the cultures that existed here centuries and millennia ago.

The term “American-made” often comes with connotations of the old-world - the red brick of industrialization-era mill buildings, the weathered hickory of hand-tools, and the imperfect text from an old printing press. While we like this nostalgic take on craft and “making,” this is not what draws us to it.

We want to make things here in America because:

  • We can assure their design, quality, and sources
  • We can reduce our carbon footprint
  • We can help keep American makers, both old and new, making