Stone Wool Cheviot

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Stone Wool Cheviot yarn was inspired by traditional English handknitting yarns, yarns both sturdy and friendly. Cheviot fiber has a unique crimp that gives it resilience and loft. This means that garments knitted in Cheviot have bounce and body and are hardwearing, too. It’s a great choice for sweaters, socks and other accessories that you want to last a lifetime. Or maybe longer.

Our Cheviot is woolen spun, which means that you’ll find it buoyant and airy. Worsted-spun yarns are combed before spinning, a process that aligns the fibers precisely and squeezes out air in order to create a smooth, uniform yarn. In woolen-spun yarns, however, the fibers are simply carded before spinning, a more relaxed process, a bit like using a hairbrush instead of a fine-tooth comb. The carding process leaves fibers plenty of pockets for air to hang out. And those miniscule pockets of air create loft and softness.

Most Cheviot fiber comes from the UK, but ours is sourced from a flock grazing in Pennsylvania. To create exactly the yarn we had in mind, we worked with New Hampshire based Harrisville Mill to process and spin this hearty woolen yarn. Our Cheviot has character and endurance, but pretty colors, too. Its pallet was inspired by a painter's pallet, the colors named after natural pigments found in works of art throughout history.

Aran Weight 
Yardage: Approx. 180 yards [164 M]/100g
Gauge: 4 sts per inch on size US 8
3.5 sts per inch on size US 9
Ply: 2-ply
Fiber: 100% American Cheviot Wool from Pennsylvania
Spun: New Hampshire
Dyed: Northeastern United States  

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