Stone Wool | Indigo Targhee

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Stone Wool's Indigo  worsted weight is a soft two-ply yarn, handspun in Portland, Maine, from Montana Targhee̴ Wool. Every skein is made by hand, and adds̴ a blend of texture̴ to the final knitted piece. Each skein is 100g and 2-ply.

Worsted Weight: +/- 200 yards, 4-5 stitches per inch
Bulky Weight: +/- 140 yards, 2.5-3 stitches per inch
Super Bulky Weight: +/- 100 yards, 1.5-3 stitches per inch

The completed yarn is dyed in an indigo vat by hand, and triple rinsed in a diluted vinegar bath to a neutral pH, to ensure minimal crocking. Crocking with deep indigo hues is normal, so take care to rinse completed projects separately for their first soak, and prewash any indigo yarn if it is used in colorwork.

Every effort has been made to remove VM from the final yarn, but as the wool was sourced from an individual farm, a very slight amount may be present. Each skein will have slight̴Ì_variance in weight, but will never have less than the specified yardage.